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Blue Green Razor Roller Supreme

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After exhaustive trials the Blue Green company presents the news wooden speargun roller Razor R-1. Based in famous model Razor that for above 10 years is fished at all Seas and Oceans worldwide.  The desing of Razor R-1, minimizes the side profile of the gun with as soon as 30mm and thus making as agile as a conventional speargun while moving sideways.

 Longer available arming length: Shaped anatomic handle and stainless steel trigger mechanism, with reverse design, gives an additional 10cm length to the arming length of the speargun with total armed 146cm develops the total length of arm, achieving bigger agility and improves the aiming. With 16mm rubbers and 7,5mm shaft gives us drastic shoots more than 6 meters with zero recoil.

Impaired power (>4500Nt):

The mechanism of Razor R-1, manufactured in total of stainless steel 316 marine, grade steel, was designed based on the need for greater strength and reliability applying the laws of physics to their most simple and effective means. The trigger mechanism, can accommodate for excessive forces, without reducing the sensitivity of the trigger. Rigidity: The use of the best quality timber (Teak, Mahogany and Iroko) and the combination of 5 and more layers for each muzzle, make the gun as rigid as possible. 

Is given also the possibility of camo paint.  

Guarantee: All RAZOR spearguns are covered with a 3 year guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee for the trigger mechanism.


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